Review of Tradition Casino

How would you like to be taken back in time to the days of pioneers, stagecoaches, pistol slingers, and saloon bars, pilgrim? To be sure, the Wild West was not without its challenges – ongoing conflicts between white settlers and Native American tribes, rattlesnakes and a distinct lack of substantial healthcare providers, the high risk of being shot simply for looking at the wrong person in the wrong way, and generally having to live in isolated towns called things like ‘Tombstone’ are not for everyone. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting location that evokes a feeling of danger and adventure.

With this in mind, it’s unsurprising that the makers of Traditional Casino chose to draw influence from this period when creating their online gambling platform. And it works significantly better than the bulk of other themes we’ve seen, making far more sense than, instance, a gigantic cartoon puppy or an animated jigsaw puzzle (to name but two bizarre decisions by developers).

Accurate Shooter

It’s also more than a fine site for the topic, however we were particularly taken with the whole idea. This goes even farther, since as the landing page appears, it’s clear that this is a new breed of online casino websites. The whole design is sleek, sophisticated, and extremely contemporary. The main picture is a computer-generated still image of the typical creatures and miscreants seen in the Wild West, with Tradition apparently being the name of the hypothetical town around which this universe is centered.

Overall, it’s an excellent initial impression that motivates you to investigate the remainder of the site, which is much more than can be said for many of the other online casinos we’ve seen in the past. Not bad by half, as the phrase goes. Let’s have a look at what you can anticipate if you choose to establish an account and see whether the delivery matches the appearance.


Tradition, as is customary with online casinos, needs you to download an app in order to maximize your whole experience. Fortunately, this does not feel like the insanely high expectations that it often does, owing to the way the whole thing is presented. You do want to download, and downloading takes no time at all, which means this is far better than a large number of other casino websites.

Not That Dependent

Of course, this would not be a top-notch casino website if it did not also provide the option of playing entirely online, without the need to download anything. Tradition permits this, and is much the richer for it. This entails providing complete access to the online casino’s whole product, without the need to fill up your hard drive.

It’s great for mobile and tablet users with minimal memory, as well as those who can’t be bothered to keep anything else on their PC. Naturally, the experience is more seamless while using the download, but the difference is negligible.

Inform Me About the Games

There are several games available on Tradition, which is clearly another huge bonus. Fortunately, not every game is themed on the Wild West, so if all the hand cannons at dawn get too much, it’s simple to switch to something entirely different.

Slots make up a small portion of Tradition, which we are more than thrilled with. If you’re seeking for fast satisfaction and hours of entertainment, slots are hard to top, and there are several variations. While video slots are the industry norm, 3D slots really boost the product above the rest. Three-reel slots are very popular in the workplace, since they often provide a more intense experience. There are also Progressive Jackpots available, in which the total reward money rises over time, culminating in a massive pot for the taking.

Given that even one-armed bandits did not exist during the Wild West’s heyday, it’s unsurprising that you have a plethora of different ways to gain money. Table Games include Poker, Roulette, and Blackjack, among others, and here is where the Wild West concept really shines through—these games were designed to be played in dusty, seedy casinos frequented by undesirables with checkered pasts. Or, at the very least, they feel that way once Tradition is loaded.

At the most technologically advanced end of the spectrum, there are also Live Dealer Games, in which a human person, rather than an automated computer program, deals and organizes bets, which gives a level of realism to proceedings that is often lacking. Additionally, Video Poker and Specialty Games are available; the former is self-explanatory, while the latter is a collection of games that defy easy categorization, ranging from scratch ‘cards’ to bingo and back again.