Canadian Live Roulette Games 2023

There have been several iterations of online roulette since the game’s introduction, but none more popular than the live dealer versions offered by casinos. Live roulette games are able to bridge the gap between the real world and the virtual world in a way that is not achievable with any other approach now in use. If you want to play roulette online, here is the method that you should use.

Top Canadian Online Roulette Casinos

To locate the finest live roulette games online, however, players need to know how to sort the wheat from the chaff among the many live roulette suppliers vying for their business.



The top Canadian online casinos offering live roulette play have been evaluated by our staff. At Inside Casino, we share your enthusiasm for live dealer roulette online, which is why we’ve dedicated a great deal of time and effort to researching, testing, and recording the best live roulette games available.


Live Roulette: What Is It?

Live roulette is, fundamentally, the same as the online roulette games you’re already familiar with. Live roulette follows the same basic pattern as the many other variations of the game: betting, spinning, winning, and repeating.


The difference, of course, is what’s happening on the other side of the screen when you’re not looking at it. Live dealer games provide a more authentic gambling experience by using genuine roulette tables, wheels, and dealers to simulate the in-person gaming experience at a player’s preferred land-based casino.


Live camera feeds of the dealers and the roulette table are streamed to your desktop or mobile gaming device. The interface for placing bets and interacting with the dealer (if available) is integrated with this live feed.


Live Dealer Roulette: How Does It Function?

The “live” component of live dealer roulette is the most interesting part, maybe even more so than the strategy of roulette itself. The solution to that question, as we shall see, is both deliciously intricate and a technical marvel in its own right. Let’s dissect the process of live roulette playing into its four main components so you can have a better grasp of how everything works together.


The Factory

The studio is the most fundamental part of any live roulette casino available online. Each studio where real-life croupiers and dealers interact with players might be seen of as its own live broadcast set, complete with cameras, microphones, bright studio lighting, and the prompters and equipment the croupier or dealer employs to engage with players.


There is a wide range in live roulette table configuration requirements from one operator to the next. The best studios, like those at Evolution Gaming’s casinos, may often have anywhere from five to ten sets in a single facility, all of which broadcast games at once. Some live roulette broadcasts have even used footage shot in real casinos as background scenery.


Dish Setup

The next thing you’ll need is a game table, where all the action—and maybe even some magic—happens. Live roulette tables at both American roulette and European roulette casinos are almost indistinguishable from their land-based counterparts. Depending on how the roulette game was programmed for the live game, the tables may have a bit more action going on underneath the felt.


The software connecting the players and the live roulette casino is to blame for this discrepancy. The first, and currently more common, approach is to use a regular table from a typical land-based casino and then use image recognition software through the studio cameras to track game objects (such as betting chips and the roulette ball) as they move around during a live dealer roulette game.


Alternately, sensors may be built into the roulette table, wheel, ball, and betting chips to digitally detect their existence and placement; this would be especially helpful for keeping track of whatever pocket on the roulette wheel the ball landed in.


The Card Shark

The dealer’s job in live roulette is the same whether the game is being played in a brick-and-mortar or virtual casino: he or she moves the players’ chips to the appropriate spots, spins the wheel and ball, tallies the winners’ winnings, and then clears the table.


The only difference is that there are no actual players present at the table; rather, the dealer responds to bets based on prompters in the studio and establishes contact with the players via the chat feature of the game software, if one is included.


The Program

Everything we’ve spoken about thus far in terms of high-tech equipment is necessary for producing high-quality live dealer games, but if the casino software used to link players to the studio is subpar, it won’t matter.


This is especially true in live dealer roulette, which processes a vast amount of data in a wide range of formats simultaneously. For instance, the program must record the bets made by each player and provide that data to the dealer. Second, the program must verify the accurate placement of the chips on the live roulette table and the roulette ball when it enters the wheel. Finally, live roulette software must do supplementary computations to refresh players’ actual money balances.


When you consider that all of this processing must be done in real time, in addition to translating information between camera feeds and a digital gaming interface, you begin to get a sense of the level of effort and polish required to create a game like this.


Contrasting Online Roulette with Live Roulette

Real money casino sites are betting on live roulette as the future of the game since it follows the latest trends in both gameplay and design.


And live roulette does provide several advantages over “regular” online roulette in a number of respects. For instance, a live webcast of a human dealer operating a genuine roulette table provides images that surpass those of the most advanced computer simulations.


Because the dealer can and does engage with the players in real time, the live roulette experience is considerably more like playing in a real casino than any entirely digital game could ever hope to achieve. The RNG algorithm in an online roulette game, on the other hand, takes care of the randomness of each bet and making sure the right roulette odds are satisfied.


Casinos with Real-Time Dealers for Roulette: What We’re Looking For

Live dealer roulette is not an easy concept to bring off, as we have discussed. It is not sufficient for a live casino to specialize in a single aspect of the numerous moving pieces that come together to give you the live roulette experience. We only start to evaluate a live casino as a top option after they meet the following standards.


Canada’s players come in all shapes and sizes, and they speak a wide variety of languages, therefore the top live roulette casinos will provide a wide variety of roulette tables and live dealers to satisfy their needs.


The Inside Casino team pays as much attention to the quality of the live roulette games as we do any other game in the casino. Our critics focus on the game’s visual integrity in the cameras and the interface’s responsiveness.


Although the quality of the game itself receives most of the attention when discussing live roulette casinos, the vast majority of your time spent at an online casino will be spent in the service department. Because of this, our evaluators investigate the quality of the after-the-fact services provided by the online casino. Some of these services are more elementary, like how fast the casino’s customer service team responds to questions and complaints, while others are more complex, such how user-friendly the menus and tutorials are.